Music – Band Audition Information

  1. Applicant will perform a prepared solo chosen from the state music list of standard music literature. Go to: for a listing. The chosen solo piece should showcase the student’s technical ability, at the highest level, with which the applicant is comfortable. Evaluation will be based on:

    • * pitch accuracy (discrimination and partials)
    • * rhythmic accuracy (timing, tempos, actual written rhythm)
    • * tone quality (characteristic for instrument)
    • * technique (breath control, fluency, fingering, entrances, releases, tempos, articulation)
    • * expressiveness (dynamics, phrasing, tempo, shaping)
    • * musical effect (artistry, stage presence, appearance, emotion)
  2. Applicant will prepare 6 major scales in the keys of: F, Bb, Eb, Ab, A, and G. The judges will ask the student to perform 3 of the 6 - selecting at random.

  3. Evaluation will be based on:

    • * accurate performance of each scale asked to perform

    • Applicant will sight-read several measures after 30 seconds of visual study. Evaluation will be based on:

      • * accurate performance of each measure
    • Applicant will sing a familiar song (e.g. “Happy Birthday”). Evaluation will be based on:

      • * accuracy (pitch, rhythm, timing)
    • Applicant will sing a series of notes as played on the piano in real time.

      Evaluation will be based on:

      • * aural memory and intonation
    • Applicant will participate in an interview.

      Evaluation will be based on:

      • * demonstrated motivation through description of practice habits, festival participation, lessons, awards, eagerness to learn and try new concepts.

Dreyfoos does not offer a guitar program nor do we offer a drum set program. However, students who play legitimate percussion are encouraged to apply. Percussionists are expected to perform and sight-read on snare drum and mallet. No timpani is required


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